Ramkumar Ramachandra wrote:
> After some discussion, I hope to be able to finalize a list of fields
> that will suffice for (nearly) everything.

The task is actually much easier than this.  All we have to do is
finalize the list of fields that will mandatorily be written to the
link object.  As I might have indicated in my series, this is:
upstream_url, checkout_rev, and ref_name.  Really, the user only needs
to supply a valid upstream_url: after a clone, everything else can be
inferred (with the exception of a ref_name conflict; I don't like

Other fields are like .git/config fields.  We can add new key/value
pairs in the future, without worrying about migration.  A problem
arises only if we want to add a new mandatory field, change the
default value of a key, or deprecate an existing key/value pair.
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