It appears to be impossible to push signed tags using a remote helper
that supports only fast-export.  This is reported against gitifyhg[1]
but I think it is actually a Git issue.


I can reproduce the error using a trivial remote helper (run this in a
clone of git.git):

-- >8 --
cat >git-remote-export <<EOF &&


while read -r line
        case "$line" in
                echo 'export'
                echo 'refspec *:*'
                while read -r line
                        echo "$line" >&3
                        test "$line" = done && break
                done 3>"$url"
                echo >&2 "unsupported command: $line"
                exit 1
chmod +x git-remote-export &&
PATH="$(pwd):$PATH" git push "export::$(pwd)/v1.8.2.export" v1.8.2
-- 8< --

This produces:

    fatal: Encountered signed tag 572a535454612a046e7dd7404dcca94d6243c788;
        use --signed-tag=<mode> to handle it.
    fatal: Error while running fast-export

which is not particularly helpful for a user who doesn't know how the
remote helper is implemented, particularly because adding
--signed-tag=<mode> to the command won't work.

I think there are two problems here:

    1) The error message is misleading: "--signed-tag" isn't an option
       to git-push and as a user I don't know why Git thought I wanted
       to run fast-export.

    2) There is no way (that I have found) to change the signed-tag
       behaviour of git-fast-export when it is being invoked for a
       remote helper.

How do remote helpers using the "push" method handle this?  In that case
it seems to be completely up to the helper program to decide what to do.

I wonder if the way forward is to do some combination of:

    a) Add a --signed-tags option to git-push, which is either passed to
       fast-export or given as a new "option signed-tags" to the
       remote-helper when using the push interface (and ignored for the
       connect interface).

    b) Add a configuration variable to specify how to handle signed tags
       when pushing to a remote that uses a remote helper that cannot
       handle them; something like "remote.<name>.signedTags".

    c) Improve the "Error while running fast-export" message to
       something more like "Error pushing with fast-export (using helper
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