Sverre Rabbelier <> writes:

> On Sun, Apr 14, 2013 at 3:57 AM, John Keeping <> wrote:
>> This issues a warning while stripping signatures from signed tags, which
>> allows us to use it as default behaviour for remote helpers which cannot
>> specify how to handle signed tags.
> Perhaps it makes sense to instead count the number of signed tags and
> emit "Stripped signature from %d tags"? For example, for git.git it
> would be on the order of a hundred warning lines.

When you see 78 in the output and you know you have 92 tags in the
repository, is that sufficient to let you go on, or do we also need
an easy way to tell which ones are those 78 that were stripped and
the remaining 14 were not stripped?

There is no reason to worry about "some signed tags are stripped but
not others", so it feels that the number alone should be sufficient,
I guess.  If those remaining 14 weren't stripped, that is (at least
at the moment) by definition because they are unsigned, annotated

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