Hi John,

John Keeping wrote:

> It appears to be impossible to push signed tags using a remote helper
> that supports only fast-export.
>     fatal: Encountered signed tag 572a535454612a046e7dd7404dcca94d6243c788;
>         use --signed-tag=<mode> to handle it.
>     fatal: Error while running fast-export
> which is not particularly helpful for a user who doesn't know how the
> remote helper is implemented

Yeah, this is idiotic.

The remote helper infrastructure is certainly being unhelpful here.  I
wonder if transport-helper should just pass --signed-tag=strip and be
done with it (leaving open the possibility of a capability to switch
to --signed-tag=verbatim when someone wants to teach the testgit
helper to support that).  What do you think?

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