Duy Nguyen wrote:
> Good luck. Bug such a big work usually requires more than one
> volunteer. If you haven't convinced (*) the community it's right,
> maybe you should take a few days thinking about it again before
> implementing.

Yes, I'm thinking about it before rushing in to implement it.

There will always be resistance to change, especially when it involves
a change that breaks a working implementation.  If anything, the
resistance is only going to get worse with time, as people pile more
and more hacks on top of the current submodule implementation.  I say:
do it now, before we lose steam.

As far as I can tell, I'm completely unbiased: I have no vested
interests in either implementation, and I just want to see the best
implementation win.  My conviction in the new approach has only
strengthened after discussions on this thread: there must be some
reason for that, no?

Frankly, I was hoping that atleast one or two people on the thread
would take my side of the argument (or atleast tell me that I'm not
deranged), but that hasn't happened.  Nevertheless, I hope to convince
more people by doing more work and posting a beautifully working

I'm already prepared for the worst case: I'll be forced to dump all my
work and be disappointed with the git community.
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