From: "Ramkumar Ramachandra" <>
Sent: Monday, April 08, 2013 10:03 PM
This is going nowhere.  You're stuck at making the current submodule
system work, not answering my questions, diverting conversation,
repeatedly asking the same stupid questions, labelling everything that
I say "subjective", and refusing to look at the objective counterpart
(aka, the code).  It's clear to me that no matter how many more emails
I write, you're not going to concede.

I'm not interested in wasting any more of my time with this nonsense.

I give up.
Please don't "give up". It is a bit of a 'wicked' problem [1].

Yes to taking a rest, stepping back and trying to summarise/review what was discussed.

I couldn't keep up with all the discussion, and I doubt many others kept up, especially those who have been frustrated in their (mis-) use of submodules. Do remember that Junio has multiple roles which belie the softness of the word 'maintainer'. It includes "Defender of the Heritage" in the same way that keepers of ancient monuments will want visitors to enjoy the site, but rail against a garish new stainless steel and glass entrance to the Colosseum (choose you local heritage site) (see [1] again).

I get confused (about sub-modules) with msysgit where git.git is a sub-module, and is the fastest moving (an inversion of control issue), and when hacking at (just) the msys level when the git sub-module isn't in sync.

In many ways sub-module tracking is like file renames and empty directories (both of which come up a lot). The submodule meta information issue has great similarity to the empty directories issue. It's about meta information, not about content (which is certified verified by sha1), and about how users know what is going on and get a (natural) feeling of control (without upsetting other users/controllers) .


[now to schedule some time to do the catch up reading. $dayjob beckons]

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