Junio C Hamano wrote:
> host:foo/bar (take my "host" branch, push it to their "foo/bar"
> branch) could be tricky, no?  It could be trying to go over the ssh
> to "host" and access repository at $HOME/foo/bar.  The git_connect()
> call may even succeed and you cannot use the failure as a hint to
> disambiguate.
> Also the request may genuinely be to access foo/bar repository at
> the host, but the network layer had trouble connecting temporarily
> to the host.  After disambiguating incorrectly to push to the
> origin, mapping our host branch to their foo/bar branch, that push
> might even succeed.

Oh, ouch.  I didn't think of that.  What do you suggest we do?  Go
with Duy's simple '-' solution, or try some heuristics that may lead
to confusing behavior in edge cases?
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