Ramkumar Ramachandra <artag...@gmail.com> writes:

> Junio C Hamano wrote:
>> What is bad about saying "push origin ...the rest..."?
> I don't know which remote to push to: all I know is that the remote to
> push to is configured somewhere in the web of ...

Ahh, and then the recent triangular stuff makes it even worse.

I can see why we might want some token that says "I am pushing where
I would push normally if this were a 'git push' that does not say
'to where' and 'push what'" to help users.

Some background to explain why I was hesitant to the change.

There must be a reason why the user wants to use a custom set of
refspecs, not the configured ones, for this particular push only.
There must be something special for this particular push that makes
it different from the configured 'git push' default.

I was wondering if it is sensible to assume that the user is likely
to still want to push to the same repository where she usually
pushes to, when she has that special reason.  The underlying
assumption for it to be sensible is that 'to where' (destination
repository) is more sticky than 'push what' (the refspecs).

And I think now I agree that indeed is a sensible assumption.  I am
not sure '-' is a good token for that, but I do not offhand think of
a reason why '-' would be a _bad_ token for that, either.

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