Junio C Hamano wrote:

> And I think now I agree that indeed is a sensible assumption.  I am
> not sure '-' is a good token for that, but I do not offhand think of
> a reason why '-' would be a _bad_ token for that, either.

Random idea: today you can do

        git push origin master; # push branch master to remote origin
        git push --multiple origin korg; # push default refspec to 2 remotes

How about:

        git push origin korg -- master; # push master to 2 remotes
        git push -- master next; # push two refs to default remote
        git push origin -- master; # push master to origin, more explicitly
        git push origin korg --; # push default refspec to 2 remotes, again

        git push host:some/path; # ambiguous argument. Please disambiguate.
        git push host:some/path --; # push default refspec over SSH
        git push -- host:some/path; # push specified refspec to default remote

        git push origin; # is a remote name and not a refname. Good.
        git push master; # is a ref name and not a remote name. Good.

What do you think?
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