Jeff King wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 01:05:12PM -0700, Jonathan Nieder wrote:

>>      git push
>> and "[push] default = upstream", then it is obvious what the user
>> wanted to happen.  But what about when "[push] default = matching"?
>> Which of the following behaviors is correct?
>>  a) Error: you didn't tell me which remote to push to.
>>  b) Just behave like "git push my-personal-remote :".
>>  c) Ignore which branch is the current branch and behave like
>>     "git push origin :".
>> How about when "[push] default = current"?
>> Except that people might have scripts or habits tied to the current
>> behavior, any of (a), (b), and (c) sounds fine to me.  (b) is the
>> obvious choice for historical reasons.
> I think (b) could be quite surprising to a user. I suspect it hasn't
> come up because people just don't work with a lot of different remotes
> in practice.

Yeah, I think you're right.

I'll try writing a series to switch to (c) for [push] default = matching
and (a) for default = simple (and one of the two for default = current.
Not sure which yet).

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