Ramkumar Ramachandra wrote:
> Jonathan Nieder wrote:

>>        git push master
>> ...
>>  a) Error: you didn't tell me which remote to push to.
>>  b) Just behave like "git push my-personal-remote master".
>>  c) Behave like "git push origin master".
> Here, I'd argue for (d): push to branch.master.pushremote/
> branch.master.remote/ remote.pushdefault/ origin.

My first hunch is not to like this, since it means

        git push -- master next

might push to two different remotes and because it's not obvious
to me when it would be useful.

So I am still leaning toward the behavior Jeff suggested.  That said,
we're probably at the point where enough scenarios have been described
for someone to write a patch with a clear explanation about how their
proposed behavior takes care of them all.

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