Ramkumar Ramachandra wrote:
> git push -- master next; pushes to my current branch's
> branch.<name>.pushremote?  Isn't that a disaster?

Actually, branch.<name>.pushremote already breaks the current design
in a way, as Junio pointed out in a different email: a push.default
set to anything except "current" is already nonsensical.  Why should
"matching" branches be pushed to the remote that my current branch
specifies?  That might well have their own branch.<name>.pushremote
configured, which should be respected.

We should fix this now.  I think the fault lies in the rather old
design of push.default.  Do you have any suggestions as what would
make sense here?  Ultimately, I think a git push; needs to pick
remotes for each refspec separately.  The orthogonal design is
definitely not right in my opinion.

As the author of branch.<name>.pushremote, I apologize for not having
caught this earlier.  I've been using push.default = current for a
long time, and don't often think about the other settings.
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