W dniu 14.04.2013 06:42, Junio C Hamano pisze:

> I personally think it is much more sellable to use an even simpler
> rule than what Jeff suggested, to make
>       git push -- <refspec>
> go to the remote.pushdefault (falling back to remote.default that is
> "origin"), without even paying attention to what branch you are on,
> and ignoring branch.*.remote/pushremote configuration.
> That is sufficient to support the triangular, the publish-to-mine,
> and the centralized workflows, no?  In any of these cases, the
> repository you push out to is _one_, even though it may be a
> different one from where you pull from.  If you have a very special
> branch that goes to a different place than all the other branches,
> you can always push out while on that branch without any refspec,
> anyway.

I think it also supports users of 'matching' that have push default
correctly configured.  Currently they can use "git push" in all cases
but first push of a branch, where they had to use "git push origin
branch", or "git push pushremote branch", and with those changes can
now simply use "git push -- branch".


Here I think simpler is better, especially that diferent users
have different expectations: push to remote based on current branch or
push to remote or remotes based on branch or branches being pushed.
Jakub Narębski
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