Ramkumar Ramachandra <artag...@gmail.com> writes:

> ...  In my proposal, the
> precedence order branch.<name>.pushremote, remote.pushdefault,
> branch.<name>.remote, remote.default, origin, remains the same: we
> just want to change which branch that <name> refers to.

That "changing the meaning of <name>" in the middle, and doing so
will be confusing to the users, is exactly the issue, isn't it?

> In my
> opinion, it is a much more subtle change than the entirely new
> precedence order that you're inventing.

Adding "--" has never been my itch. I just brought it up out of thin
air as a possible alternative that is less confusing.

If it does not work well, we do not have to add it, but it is
dubious that we would want to add something that is even more

Just like Peff, I am sympathetic to people who want to omit "where
to" and have Git automatically make a guess, and would be happy if
we can find a reasonable solution to that problem.

But I am not convinced what we discussed in these threads are good
solutions. At least not yet.
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