Johannes Sixt <> writes:

> User says:
>    git push -- master docs release
> Then git pushes the three branches to three different upstreams. You find
> that confusing. Do I understanding correctly so far?

It is far more subtle than that.  User says that while on 'next'

The user has been trained to think "branch.master.remote" takes
effect while he has "master" branch checked out.

That is where the possible confusion comes from. As I said number of
times, you may be able to declare that the confusion is unfounded
once you think it through.

> Just my 2 cents. (But I'm a traditional "matching" type, so take this with
> a grain of salt. Or I may be missing the point of this thread, as I
> haven't followed closely.)

For exmaple, see


where I say "" should not come into play when I
say "git push --master docs release" while on the next branch and
Peff gives a counter-viewpoint.
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