On 04/14/2013 01:33 PM, Eric S. Raymond wrote:
> [...]
> I wish I could point you at a convertor I really trust.  I can't.
> There is a third tool, cvs2git (based on the analyzer from cvs2svn)
> that I don't maintain, which has problems of its own.

Again I request that instead of spreading non-specific FUD about
cvs2git, you describe concrete problems so that I can improve the tool.
 So far about the only problems that you have mentioned that have not
been addressed have been stylistic trivia like that you object that
cvs2git writes its outputs by pass, to two separate files, rather than
writing all of its output to stdout, and that you are bothered that it
names its temporary directory "cvs2svn-tmp" rather than "cvs2git-tmp".

I would like to fix any conversion deficiencies you can find.  I stand
behind this tool and think it is the best one out there for extracting
history from CVS.


Michael Haggerty
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