Ilya Basin wrote:

> Does this --fast-export thing support what John mentioned, the
> "incremental import support"? Does 'git fast-import' has it?
> I need it, because full import takes too long.
> The central repo of my employer is CVS, other people commit to it and
> I use git internally to be able to tidy my commit history before
> exporting to CVS.

Errr... the need to interact with *live* CVS repository is reason 
behind wanting incremental import, isn't it?

I wonder how hard would be to create a remote helper for CVS, so that 
one could treat CVS repository as foreign remote, fetching from it and 
pushing to it...

BTW. can you convince your employer to move to more modern version 
control system (be it Subversion, Kiln Harmony, Veracity, Bazaar, 
Mercurial or Git) rather than rely on system which had last release in 
2008 i.e. 4 years ago, doesn't support atomic commits, doesn't support 
versioning of whole repository aka. changesets (beside tags), has slow 
and complicated branching and even more complicated merging, etc.?
Jakub Narębski
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