> You could continue "git clone" and then teach "git add" (or "git
> submodule add") to relocate the embedded git directory from the
> submodule working tree, you could "git clone" with separate-git-dir
> from the beginning, or you could extend "git add", perhaps
>     git add --url=git://up.stre.am/repository [--name=name] sub/mod/ule
> and do that "git clone --separate-git-dir" internally (which will
> mean that the end user will not run "git clone").

I specifically did not go down this route, because I think it is
gross.  Where does moving a GITDIR fit into what git add's normal job
(index manipulation) is?  Tools should do one specific thing, and do
it well: not a mixed bag of unrelated things.  git clone, on the other
hand, was always intended to have a way to point to a location for
GITDIR and the worktree: isn't this feature very close to
--separate-git-dir already?  It is, therefore, git clone's job to
relocate the GITDIR.  My future plan is to deny git add'ing anything
but a worktree-with-a-gitfile.
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