Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Relocate to where in the superproject's gitdir?  Presumably you can
> do this more than once in a given superproject, so there needs to be
> a key per such a clone, no?  I am guessing that you would follow the
> usual "when adding a submodule without name, use its path as the
> initial name" convention, but then I would suggest it to be spelled
> out (and if you are doing it differently, that choice needs to be
> spelled out and defended).

I probably wasn't clear enough in the commit message, but this is what
happens when I set clone.submoduleGitDir to ~/bare: a git clone
gh:artagnon/clayoven inside the superproject's worktree will make
~/bare/clayoven.git and ./clayoven corresponding to the GITDIR and the
worktree of the newly cloned repository.  If there are conflicts, it
will complain as usual saying that the destination path %s already
exists, in which case the user has to choose a name for the GITDIR
(not yet implemented) and/or the worktree path (as the final
command-line argument to git clone).
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