In general I think it is a mistake to overload "git clone" with the notion of
adding a submodule.  If I want to *add* something to a repository, I'll use
some kind of "add" command.  To me "git clone" is not the kind of verb I
would expect to add something to some distant-parent .git directory.

Instead of mucking around with"git clone" I would much rather see "git add"
autodetect URLs and do the submodule thing:
        git add ssh://host/blammo.git
would clone blammo.git into ./blammo/ and set it up as a submodule inside
$PWD's git repo.  (This may benefit from "git clone" learning some kind of
--separate-git-dir option, but that's irrelevant to me.)

On 13-04-15 04:19 AM, Ramkumar Ramachandra wrote:
> Why would a user *want* a full clone inside a git worktree?

Please try to be careful with your assumptions.

I could have
to maintain revisions of various personal files, config .dotfiles, scripts in
~/bin/ and so on.

I could also have various projects' repos under ~/Code, where I do my "real"

Now, are these Code/* repos inside ~/.git/'s worktree or not?  I'd really
prefer them not to be.  I would be especially upset to have some "magic" that
automatically adds new clones inside ~/Code/ to ~/.git/.


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