Matthieu Moy wrote:
> I tend to agree that pull.autostash is harmful. At least in its current
> form, it is really too easy to overlook the "Please run 'git stash pop'
> after commiting the conflict resolution." message:
> <do some important changes>
> $ git pull
> <fix conflicts>
> $ git status
> <tells me to commit>
> $ git commit
> <WTF, where are my important changes?!?>

First, this is not why Junio said pull.autostash is harmful: he had a
completely different objection.

Second, this makes no sense.  The user consciously made the decision
to set pull.autostash to true: it isn't turned on by default, and
there's no magic that's turning it on without the user knowing.  This
case is roughly equivalent to the user executing 'git stash' and
suddenly waking up one day and complaining "WTF, where are my
important changes?!?".  Sure, it might be a good idea to teach git
status to show the stash state, but that's an orthogonal topic.
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