Matthieu Moy wrote:
> I disagree. A configuration option is something you set once, and then
> forget about. A command, or a command-line option, is something you
> explicitely add when you need it.

You're making it out to be a much bigger difference than it actually
is.  Users will simply alias pull to 'pull --autostash' (a lot of them
already alias it to pull --ff-only, and I'm going to fix this soon).
The decision making process for creating a configuration variable
shouldn't be "this is potentially dangerous, and therefore therefore
it shouldn't be a configuration variable", but rather "this is a
rarely used option that users only need <50% of the time, and
therefore it shouldn't be a configuration variable".  In my case,
pull.autostash is my 90~95% usecase, and I'm not unique in this
aspect.  Therefore, it should be a configuration variable that can be
consciously turned off with a --no-autostash.

If your criticism were that git status doesn't show stash state, I
agree with you.  However, I don't agree with basing it on user
forgetfulness in having set pull.autostash a long time ago + lack of
observation skills to notice the message printed by git pull.
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