Junio C Hamano wrote:
> It does not relieve "git add" (or "git submodulea add") from the
> responsibility of moving .git directory.  It only reduces the need
> to do so.
> When the user says "add" and the repository has .git directory in
> it, "add" (or "submodule add") is still responsible for relocating
> it.

Since you're so stubborn about it, I suppose 'git add' could call a
function in my "new first-class program to attach detach
worktrees/workdirs and relocate GITDIRs" as a last resort (if the user
somehow managed to put a GITDIR in the submodule worktree despite our
well-designed tools).  But last resort is not what we should be
discussing now: we're discussing what the design should ideally be.
And ideally, I think we both agree that it's best if init/clone did
the relocation.
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