Jeff King <> writes:

> And by the way, I am actually not sure that such a shared-object setup
> is a good idea, but only that _if_ you are going to do it with
> submodules, you might as well do it for all repos. In theory, it is not
> that hard to have a big per-user object-only repository (either for all
> repos, or for related ones). But we can do that already with "git clone
> -s", and people do not generally bother, because the maintenance is very
> tricky (especially dealing with reachability and pruning).
> I am open to the argument that solving it in a specific case
> (submodules) lets us make assumptions that simplify the problem from the
> general case, but I do not offhand see how it would be any easier in
> this case.

Nicely put.

Making it easier to manage such a shared object store by limiting
use cases is somewhat an intriguing idea, but those I can think of
offhand all have to involve a use case without any rewound history,
so being a submodules repository would not help.

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