Thomas Rast <> writes:

> I can see that problem, but along the same lines, why shouldn't I have
> an expectation that when I say 'git add "*.py"' it removes stuff that I
> have removed?

You _should_ have that expectation.

If it does not remove with the code that has been prepared for 2.0
(that is a bit beyond 'next'), then it is a big problem, but I think
it does remove the removed python source without "-A", as long as
you give a pathspec "*.py" (with quotes around it) that match it.

I think it is just the warning code avoiding extra complexity and
overhead, if you are talking about not getting warning in the
pre-2.0 step that is in 'next'.  Patches are very much welcomed,
especially the ones that come before I get around to it ;-)
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