Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> Thomas Rast <tr...@inf.ethz.ch> writes:
>> I can see that problem, but along the same lines, why shouldn't I have
>> an expectation that when I say 'git add "*.py"' it removes stuff that I
>> have removed?
> You _should_ have that expectation.
> If it does not remove with the code that has been prepared for 2.0
> (that is a bit beyond 'next'), then it is a big problem, but I think
> it does remove the removed python source without "-A", as long as
> you give a pathspec "*.py" (with quotes around it) that match it.
> I think it is just the warning code avoiding extra complexity and
> overhead, if you are talking about not getting warning in the
> pre-2.0 step that is in 'next'.  Patches are very much welcomed,
> especially the ones that come before I get around to it ;-)

I took a brief look at the code, and as you said "add" needs to know
about submodules, and the best fix looks to me to take the same
approach Jonathan came up with to de-noise the "add -u/-A" topic.

That is, to scan the working tree to actually see if we would record
removals to the index in 2.0, but not remove them in this current
version, and give the warning when the differences in the behaviours

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