Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> writes:

> * How many times have you tracked regressions in transport helper's
> import/export functionality?
> Hint: zero.

The real question to make the situation non-hypothetical would actually
be "how many times did you track a regression that bisected down to
*this particular commit*". Any regression that ends up on another commit
is irrelevant.

I guess you realize how stupid my argument is. But how is yours
different? You do realize that your claim that nobody is ever going to
bisect down to your commit is as hypothetical as other people's claim
(if you think it is not, then try to point us a proof that nobody is
ever going to need a good message in the future to understand what I

We're trying to make all the code and all the commits clean. It seems to
be a consensus here that review is good. I see no reason to purposely
make some commits less good than others based on the fact that they may
not be used in the future.

Search your favorite search engine for "broken window principle" to get
more arguments in this direction.

> * How many times has *anybody* done so?
> Hint: other than me, quite possibly zero.

If you want to be the only developer, and avoid being disturbed by
others, then why are you pushing your changes to git.git? Why are you
even discussing on this list?

Matthieu Moy
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