Am 4/18/2013 19:05, schrieb Junio C Hamano:
> Johannes Sixt <> writes:
>> From: Johannes Sixt <>
>> MSYS bash interprets the slash in the argument core.commentchar="/"
>> as root directory and mangles it into a Windows style path. Use a
>> different core.commentchar to dodge the issue.
>> Signed-off-by: Johannes Sixt <>
>> ...
>> -    git -c core.commentchar="/" fmt-merge-msg --log=5 <.git/FETCH_HEAD 
>> >actual &&
>> +    git -c core.commentchar="x" fmt-merge-msg --log=5 <.git/FETCH_HEAD 
>> >actual &&
> Sigh... Again?
> Are folks working on Msys bash aware that sometimes the users may
> want to say key=value on their command line without the value
> getting molested in any way and giving them some escape hatch would
> help them?  Perhaps they have already decided that it is not
> feasible after thinking about the issue, in which case I do not have
> new ideas to offer.

What is "the issue"? And in which way would an escape hatch help us here?
We would have to apply a patch anyway after a glitch like this shows up,
because disabling path mangling whole-sale (if there were a method --
there is none currently) is a no-go in the context of our test suite, let
a lone in our scripted tool set.

When "foo=/" appears on the command line, the most obvious interpretation
of the slash for a program without mind-reading mode is that it is an
absolute path, and then path mangling must happen (if and only if the
invoked program is a non-MSYS program such as git).

> I'll apply the patch as-is, but this feels really painful to the
> users.

No, generally, path mangling is a service for the user.

-- Hannes
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