Johannes Sixt <> writes:

> A patch auther whose first instinct is to write 'foo=/' will never write
> 'foo=x', let alone 'foo="""/"""'. Someone will have to discover the
> issue eventually and write a patch to fix it, and someone will have to
> apply it.

That is a separate issue.  Didn't I say I'll apply it as-is at the
very beginning?

Our _tests_ can afford to use an unrealistic setting like

    git -c core.commentchar="x" fmt-merge-msg

to work it around, because the tests do not _care_ how the final
outcome looks like. It only cares what we specified gets used.

But a _real user_ who wants to use a slash there has no way of doing
so.  It is still not realistic, as it is more likely that she would
want to use a double-slash, but that would not fit in a commentchar,
and she is a lot more likely to have it in the configuration file,
but I wouldn't imagine that there are things other than "-c var=val"
that are more commonly given on the command line that share the same
pain point as this one.

That is what I meant by "feels painful to the users" and wondered if
bash on Windows can be more helpful to them.
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