Jonathan Nieder <> writes:

> Junio C Hamano wrote:
>> But a _real user_ who wants to use a slash there has no way of doing
>> so.
> Doesn't foo=// do that in the msys world?

"that" refers to...?  Do you mean:

    $ value=/; mycmd key="$value"

    breaks msys, but you can say

    $ value=//; mycmd key="$value"

    instead to pass a value that is a single slash.

then that is not a valid workaround; it would work differently
between Windows (passes one slash?) and everybody else (passes two

I do not mean to say the "'' (empty string) and what you want to say
and '' (empty string) concatenated together" I suggested in the
previous message is a workable (let alone the best) proposition, but

    $ value=/; mycmd key=''"$value"''

worked as a way to temporarily turn off the path mangling, it at
least would be a usable workaround that would work the same way
between Windows and everybody else.
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