Jeff King venit, vidit, dixit 20.04.2013 06:06:
> On Fri, Apr 19, 2013 at 06:44:45PM +0200, Michael J Gruber wrote:
>> Currently, "diff" and "cat-file" for blobs obey "--textconv" options
>> (with the former defaulting to "--textconv" and the latter to
>> "--no-textconv") whereas "show" does not obey this option, even though
>> it takes diff options.
>> Make "show" on blobs behave like "diff", i.e. obey "--textconv" by
>> default and "--no-textconv" when given.
> Wait, this does the opposite of the last patch. If we do want to do
> this, shouldn't the last one have been an "expect_failure"?

The last patch just documents the status quo, which is not a bug per se.
Therefore, no failure, but change in the definition of "success".

> I'm not convinced this is the right thing to do, though. It would break:
>   git show HEAD:file.c >file.c
> Admittedly, such people should be using "checkout" or "cat-file", so I
> do not mind too much breaking them if there is a good reason. But I am
> not sure what that reason is.

My reasoning is twofold:

- consistency between "git show commit" and "git show blob"

- "git show" is a user facing command, and as such should produce output
consumable by humans; whereas "git cat-file" is plumbing and should
produce raw data unless told otherwise (-p, --textconv).

(Sorry for the repeat.)

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