Matthieu Moy venit, vidit, dixit 22.04.2013 17:54:
> Jeremy Rosen <> writes:
>> some features detect if they are piping to a terminal... couldn't we do
>> something like that ?
> That's OK for convenience features like colors or so, but that would be
> really, really unexpected to have
> $ git show HEAD:file
> foo
> $ git show HEAD:file > tmp
> $ cat tmp
> bar

Yes, I'd either do it by default in general (my preference) or on
request, but not based on tty.

Another point of input: You can do

git show commit <blob> <commit> <blob>

and also with other object types, of course. On the other hand, there is
a single rev.diffopt. Besides the nuisance of having to track whether
textconv has been specified explicitely and flipping the bit in
rev.diffopt per argument (or adding a parameter), which is an
implementation detail, it would mean that the default for different
arguments in the argument list is different, depending on type. And that
is a usablility issue, I would argue:

Is textconv on by default for git show? Yes and no, for some arguments
yes, for others no.

That's what I want to cure ;)

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