Jeff King <> writes:

> Just my two cents as a reviewer.
>> My reasoning is twofold:
>> - consistency between "git show commit" and "git show blob"
> I'm not sure I agree with this line of reasoning. "git show commit" is
> showing a diff, not the file contents; textconv has always been about
> munging the contents to produce a textual diff. It may be reasonable to
> extend its definition to "this is the preferred human view of this
> content, and that happens to be what you would want to produce a diff".
> But I do not think it is necessarily inconsistent not to apply it for
> the blob case.

True.  Applying textconv to otherwise unreadable blobs is often
useful, but I agree that it is unexpected if it is done by default,
especially given that many people have learned to do:

        git show HEAD~4:binary-gob >old-binary-gob

to recover old version of binary contents to a temporary file when
checking the sanity of or restoring the breakage in the new one.

It of course does _not_ forbid

        git show --textconv HEAD~4:binary-gob | less

but I doubt it is a good idea to turn it on by default this late in
the game.
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