Ramkumar Ramachandra <artag...@gmail.com> writes:

> Junio C Hamano wrote:
>> I think "branch names" was an attempt to make it more newbie
>> friendly by sacrificing technical accuracy.  With the suggested
>> update (see the review for the previous one), it would be easier to
>> read if this part said "options or the revision range".
> Why does it have to be a range? It might well be a list of revisions,

Study "Specifying Ranges" section of gitrevisions and come back,

A list of revisions is merely a way to specify "revision range" that
are reachable from any of these revisions listed.  "log A B" won't
stop by just showing A and B (that would be "show A B"), but will
list those that are reachable from A B, so in the context of
discussing the arguments given to "git log" command, "A B" is still
"revision range".
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