Junio C Hamano wrote:
> A list of revisions is merely a way to specify "revision range" that
> are reachable from any of these revisions listed.  "log A B" won't
> stop by just showing A and B (that would be "show A B"), but will
> list those that are reachable from A B, so in the context of
> discussing the arguments given to "git log" command, "A B" is still
> "revision range".

... and what about 'git log HEAD^!'?  Is that a range?  What about
'git log HEAD:README' (hint: it doesn't error out)? I would argue that
"A B" is not inherently a revision range, but rather two revisions.
It's upto different commands to interpret it differently.

Then again, in the context of log, we just want ranges (also
considering we had <since>..<until> for this long, and I didn't even
object to it).  So I'll go with your "revision range", but I won't
claim that it's technically accurate.
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