Ramkumar Ramachandra <artag...@gmail.com> writes:

> ... and what about 'git log HEAD^!'?  Is that a range?  

Of course it _is_ a range; didn't you read it in the "specifying
ranges" section?  It is a short-hand for "include HEAD, exclude its
parents", and you can further combine it with other starting points.

> What about 'git log HEAD:README' (hint: it doesn't error out)?

Sounds like a bug, if it doesn't.

Patches welcome---I suspect that it can be solved the same way as
the recent cherry-pick patch by Miklos.

> I would argue that "A B" is not inherently a revision range, but
> rather two revisions.  It's upto different commands to interpret
> it differently.

That is why I said this is "git log", not "git show".
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