Thomas Rast <> writes:

>> +test_expect_failure 'log pathspec in tree read into prefix' '
>> +    git checkout --orphan subtree &&
>> +    git rm -rf . &&
>> +    echo foodle >ichi &&
> 'ichi' also exists in M^1 because you reused a name from another test.
> So rename detection will never pair the eventual 'bar/ichi' with this
> 'ichi', because the 'ichi' path was *modified*, not deleted, w.r.t. M^1.

Argh, that should read 'w.r.t. M^2', i.e. the subtree side.

The subtree side brings its own 'ichi', but it is moved to bar/ichi, so
there is a large difference between M:ichi (which came from M^1) and

PS: As mentioned on IRC, even if you fix all that, a one-line file is
probably too small to pass the rename detection heuristics.

Thomas Rast
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