Thomas Rast wrote:
> [...]

I think you've misunderstood the whole thing.  The histories of M^1
and M^2 are completely unrelated: they're from different projects
altogether.  Considering the /ichi in M^2 a "rename" of the /ichi in
M^1 is completely wrong.  They have nothing to do with each other.  I
intentionally named it "ichi" in my orphan branch just to drive my
point.  I suspect you've got confused because I used an orphan branch
to emulate a different project's history.  If you want an end-user
understanding of the problem, use git subtree:

    $ cd /tmp
    $ git clone gh:artagnon/varlog
    $ cd varlog
    $ git subtree add --prefix=clayoven \
       gh:artagnon/clayoven master
    $ cd clayoven
    $ git log

What do you expect?  The same output you would get if you cloned
gh:artagnon/clayoven separately and executed 'git log' on

Now, clayoven's (the one in HEAD^2) has nothing to do with
varlog's (the one in HEAD^1).  It's just incidental that
both projects have a  I repeat: clayoven and varlog have
_nothing_ to do with each other.  If I say git log --follow
in the above example, I don't even get the HEAD commit.  And I
wouldn't expect to either.

I will repeat this: --follow has nothing to do with the problem I've
specified.  And it is not tied to "renaming" (ie. changing the
name/path of a file) as you've made it look.  If you're still not
convinced, I've included a testcase for --follow "following" over a
merge commit (include it after the --follow test in the t4202).  Try
it without the --follow and you'll see what I mean.  Neither the
filename nor the filepath of ichi has changed in this example.

-- 8< --
test_expect_success '--follow over merge' '
        git checkout -b featurebranch
        echo foodle >>ichi &&
        git add ichi &&
        test_tick &&
        git commit -m "add a line to the end of ichi" &&
        echo moodle >unrelated &&
        git add unrelated &&
        test_tick &&
        git commit -m quux &&
        git checkout master &&
        mv ichi ichi.bak &&
        echo gooble >ichi &&
        cat ichi.bak >>ichi &&
        git add ichi &&
        test_tick &&
        git commit -m "add a line to the beginning of ichi" &&
        git merge featurebranch &&
        git log --follow --oneline ichi >actual &&
        cat >expect <<-\EOF &&
        df26551 add a line to the beginning of ichi
        882d8d9 add a line to the end of ichi
        2fbe8c0 third
        f7dab8e second
        3a2fdcb initial
        test_cmp expect actual
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