On Fri, Apr 26, 2013 at 3:17 PM, Ramkumar Ramachandra
<artag...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Felipe Contreras wrote:
>> The importance of users changes all the time. The 15 year old kid in
>> Sao Paulo might not be important today, but he might be the single
>> most important contributor ten years from now. Hell, he might even
>> replace Junio as the maintainer.
> Yes, they do.  Did I say that they don't change?

But you implied we shouldn't care about Thiago (our hypothetical
future overlord), because he is among the users we should't care for
(right now).

>> Should we willingly and knowingly neglect some git user-base? No, why
>> would you want them to fork? In a way, git's UI has been so bad, that
>> some kind-of-forks have happened, that tells us something; the UI
>> needs some love, fortunately none of those forks worked, which tells
>> us something too; it's not too atrocious.
> No, we should never neglect.  I believe in including everyone.  In
> fact I take it to an extreme: on many instances, I have pointed out
> what I want specifically, and asked for a configuration option if it's
> not necessarily a sane default.  Git is a toolkit, and should be
> loaded with features that even a few users want.
>> That's not to say we shouldn't fix the UI, we should, in a way that
>> everyone's happy, which is hard, but we will do it, eventually.
> On this, I think the way forward is complete-implicit'ness via
> configuration variables.  I recently wrote remote.pushdefault to
> simply 'git push', and proposed 'git push +ref1 ref2 ref3' to
> automatically push to the correct pushdefaults (but that proposal was
> rejected).

Indeed, I learned about that, and I tried to use it, but I think
there's a lot that is missing, and I don't know myself what would be
ideal. I'm starting to think that a branch should have two upstreams;
one that is used for rebasing, and another that is used for pushing.
But I'm not sure.

Eventually, I would like to do 'git push' and I would push different
branches to different repositories in different destination branches
in a way that requires multiple commands right now 'git push github
fc/remote-old/hg:fc/remote/hg', 'git push --prune backup
refs/heads/*:refs/heads/* refs/tags/*:refs/tags/*'. And to figure
things out I'm also helping; I added the --prune option to push, and I
added color to visualize upstream branches in 'git branch'.

But I don't think any of those are as important as having a proper
'git stage' command, and getting rid of --cached and --index, which
will be a huge effort, but would pay even bigger dividends. Step by


Felipe Contreras
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