Felipe Contreras wrote:
> If you are so keen in receiving feedback from your fellow developers,
> you should eventually send an email summarizing the issues and the
> proposal for everyone to understand.

Thanks.  I'll do that in the morning.

> Reason is not a tool for appreciating art, reason is a tool for
> discovering truth, and if when arguing you are not interested in what
> is actually true, I'm not interested in arguing with you.

There is no great truth to be discovered by arguing about the length
of commit messages, Felipe.  There are some "guidelines" or "axioms"
upon which we build reason.  If you want to argue till everything
breaks down to Peano's Axioms, do Foundations of mathematics or
Analytical philosophy.  From personal experience, it's much more
satisfying than arguing with other humans (who aren't exact

> I appreciate your criticism, but that doesn't mean I must agree with
> it. And if I do agree, that doesn't mean I must act upon it.

Why not?  Am I being unreasonable in asking you to justify your
changes, so I can understand what you've done with one quick reading?
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