We are using git cvsimport heavily but mostly the projects are not
using branches that much. We are also migrating our repos only once,
so there is  no commits to CVS repo and no incremental imports allowed
after the migration. we have migrated more than a thousand projects

we use the simplest way (from the CVS checkout folder)

$ git cvsimport -C /path/to/new/git/repo

Just recently it was brought to my attention that we can have problems
with that tool. So my question is if anybody could advise which
scenarios are safe to use this tool for, and what is not recommended?

What if there are a lot of branches in the CVS repo? Is it guaranteed
to be broken after import?

Do i understand correctly that it might put some files into a branch,
that were not originally in this branch in CVS? In which cases it
might happen (i'm sorry i didn't quite get the "issues" in the man
pages for cvsimport)?

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