On Fri, May 17, 2013 at 5:10 AM, Michael Haggerty <mhag...@alum.mit.edu> wrote:
> For one-time imports, the fix is to use a tool that is not broken, like
> cvs2git.

As one of the earlier maintainers of cvsimport, I do believe that
cvs2git is less broken, for one-shot imports, than cvsimport. Users
looking for a one-shot import should not use cvsimport as there are
better options there. Myself, I have used parsecvs (long ago, so
perhaps it isn't the best of the crop nowadays).

TBH, I am puzzled and amused at all the chest-thumping about cvs
importers. Yeah, yours is a bit better or saner, but we all wade in
the muddle of essentially broken data. So "is not broken" is rather
misleading when talking to end users. It carries so many caveats about
whether it'll work on the users' particular repo that it is not a
generally truthful statement.

I am very glad to hear it is better than cvsimport, and even more glad
to hear its limitations are better understood and documented. It has
had a testsuite for the longest of times!

And very likely has the best chance of success across the available
importers :-)

Oh, and why is cvsimport so vague? Because it is just driven by cvsps.
It creates a repo based on what cvsps understands from the CVS data.

At the time, I looked into trying to use cvs2svn (precursor to
cvs2git) as the "CVS read" side of cvsimport, but it did not support
incremental imports at all, and it took forever to run.

It was a time when git was new and people were dipping their toes in
the pool, and some developers were pining to use git on projects that
used CVS (like we use git-svn now). Incremental imports were a must.

One of the nice features of cvsimport is that it can do incrementals
on a repo imported with another tool. That earns it a place under the
sun. If it didn't have that, I'd be voting for removal (after a review
that the replacement *is* actually better ;-) across a number of test


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