On 05/15/2013 08:03 PM, Eugene Sajine wrote:
> My primary goal was to understand better what are the real problems
> that we might have with the way we use git cvsimport, so I was not
> asking about the guarantee of the cvsimport to import things
> correctly, but if there is a guarantee the import will result in
> completely broken history.

So what are you going to do, use cvsimport whenever you cannot *prove*
that it is wrong?  You sure have low standards for your software.

The only *useful* guarantee is that software is *correct* under defined
circumstances.  I don't think anybody has gone to the trouble to figure
out when that claim can be made for cvsimport.

> If the cvsimport is that broken - is there any plan to fix it?

For one-time imports, the fix is to use a tool that is not broken, like

Alternatively, Eric Raymond claims to have developed a new version of
cvsps that is not quite as broken as the old version.  Presumably
cvsimport would be not quite as broken if used with the new cvsps.


Michael Haggerty
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