Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> writes:

>> IIRC, git-gui runs two blames, one without any -C and one with (I do
>> not offhand recall how many -C it uses) to show both.
> 'git blame' is a very expensive operation, perhaps we should add
> another option so users don't need to run two blames to find this.

Yes, you could add a "struct origin *suspect_in_the_same_file" next
to the current "struct origin *suspect" to the blame_entry in order
to represent the origin you would get if you were to stop at a "move
across files" event, and keep digging, when you are operating under
"-C -C" or higher mode.

That would make the result just as expensive as a single run of "-C
-C" (or higher mode) [*1*] without having to run an extra "git
blame" without any -C (even though that mode is much cheaper).

Representing the result for a terminal with reasonable width might
become unwieldy, but for --porcelain output format that should not
be a problem.


*1* It would make it slightly more expensive than the current code,
    as it is very likely that you have to split a single blame_entry
    into many separate pieces.
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