Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> Users of full-output may want to be able to see the same thing.

... but I agree we may be able to cheat if we only want to support
interactive, and we do want to find a way to cheat when we are
running interactive without having to store much more information in
each blame_entry.

> Imagine that your scoreboard originally has three blocks of text
> ...
> in that situation?

(I snipped everything I said in the previous reply only for
brevity but they are still relevant).

I _think_ one way to "cheat" without storing too much information in
each blame_entry is to first make a copy of all the original blame
entries that share the "suspect", see if any line in the line range
represented by each of the blame entries ended up being blamed to an
origin with a path different from that of the "suspect".  And print
those original blame entries that fits the criterion as additional
"these are not the final blame as you are digging with the option to
detect copy across files, but at this commit this line appeared anew
as far as the origin->path is concerned" output.

So I think you were going in the right direction (in other words,
the patch inserted new code to the right places), even though you
may have got the details in what the new code should do wrong.

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