On Tue, May 28, 2013 at 9:01 PM, Ramkumar Ramachandra
<artag...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Also, a couple of minor annoyances:
> 1. When f-e-r is invoked with refs/tags, we get stray output.  Atleast
> it doesn't segfault, thanks to your ignore-commit patch.  Maybe
> printing stray output is the right thing to do, as opposed to erroring
> out.

What format did you use?

> 2. %>(*) only works with f-e-r atoms, not with pretty-format atoms.
> This is ofcourse obvious from the implementation, but isn't it a
> little consistent?

It is not. I think it's documented as well as a known implementation
limitation. It's not hard to be fixed (we could call
format_commit_message again for all entries, this time with a single
placeholder, to collect the best width). If anybody does need %>(*)%H
to work, we could do it. BTW, the way I implement get_atom_width() is
not really optimal. For n lines, we call print_value() in
get_atom_width n^2 times. We could cache the calculated width instead
and reduce that to n times.

> Should we start off a new pretty-ref-formats document, where we
> explicitly exclude things like %ae (because of the hex overriding
> thing)?  I don't think it's a problem if documented properly.

And this one is doucmented as well, I think. I'd really like to
introduce a new --pretty option (or something) that does not accept
%xx as a hex notion, so %ae and friends won't be hidden. It's also a
good thing for compatibility because currently %H in --format produces
%H. After this, %H produces something else. It's unlikely that anybody
has done that. But it's even better if we avoid that possibility
entirely with a new option.
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