Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Yes, the aim of the topic should be to make the machinery flexible
> enough so that we can lose -v/-vv implementation and replace them
> with calls to the new machinery with canned set of output format
> templates.

Definitely.  I don't want to keep my ugly alias around forever, and I
certainly want more users to have easy access to this (configurable
git-branch output formats).  However, the series is not the
theoretical exercise of prettifying the code underlying -v and -vv.
Supporting -v and -vv is something we _have_ to do to preserve
backward compatibility, and I would consider it a side-effect of the
series rather than the "aim of the topic".  The aim of the topic is to
get more useful output from git-branch.

As long as the topic doesn't paint us into a corner after which it
will be impossible to implement -v and -vv on top of the format, I
think we're good.
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