Hi Duy,

I just woke up and started looking at the series: it's rather well
done, and I'm confident that this is the way forward.  To reciprocate,
I've done some work at gh:artagnon/git for-each-ref-pretty.  See:


There is one major problem though:

%>(N) doesn't work properly with f-e-r, and I'm not sure why.  I'm not
talking about your last patch where you compute * -- that works fine;
it's just that %>(N) doesn't when N is a concrete number.

Also, a couple of minor annoyances:

1. When f-e-r is invoked with refs/tags, we get stray output.  Atleast
it doesn't segfault, thanks to your ignore-commit patch.  Maybe
printing stray output is the right thing to do, as opposed to erroring

2. %>(*) only works with f-e-r atoms, not with pretty-format atoms.
This is ofcourse obvious from the implementation, but isn't it a
little consistent?

Should we start off a new pretty-ref-formats document, where we
explicitly exclude things like %ae (because of the hex overriding
thing)?  I don't think it's a problem if documented properly.
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