Felipe Contreras wrote:
> On Wed, May 29, 2013 at 1:26 PM, Ramkumar Ramachandra
> <artag...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> BrĂ¡ulio Bhavamitra wrote:
>>>   root = rev-parse --show-toplevel
>> What is your usecase for this?
> Some Git commands expect to be in the top level directory (e.g. git blame).

Um, git blame revert.c when in builtin/ works for me: what am I missing?

>>>  out = !git fetch `git upstream-remote` && git l `git upstream`..HEAD
>> I didn't understand this at all.  What are you doing?
> Finding out what changes haven't been pushed out yet?

... but why would I want to club a slow network operation with
something like log?  Yeah, I use git log @{u}.. all the time.

>>>  in = pull --dry-run
>> Why?
> Because it's very easy to mess things up with 'git pull'. This
> probably wouldn't be needed if we change the default of 'git pull' to
> barf when the changes are not a fast-forward, and print a message
> suggesting to either merge or rebase, as it has been suggested.

Yeah, I saw that thread and I think shipping "sane" defaults is a lost
cause.  I really want to make pull more useable, but by making it more

>>>  unmerged = !git ls-files --unmerged | cut -f2 | uniq
>>>  untracked = ls-files --other --exclude-standard
>>>  staged = ls-files --staged
>>>  modified = ls-files --modified
>>>  deleted = ls-files --deleted
>> What is wrong with git status showing a unified output?
> It's not easy to be used in "scripts", say, 'gvim -p $(git unmerged)'.

RIght, but we shouldn't ship anything "pretty" for scripts, otherwise
it'll become hard to understand them.

>>>   head = !git l -1
>> What is git l again?
> 'git log', of course.

I use 'git show' all the time.

>>>  current = rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD
>> Why don't you use a prompt?  Use the one in contrib/completion/git-prompt.sh.
> While this is probably a good idea, not everybody has a prompt
> configured. Imagine ssh'ing to a machine you haven't touched before,
> or shouldn't configure. Sure, right now you need to configure it
> anyway, but the whole proposal is to make these default aliases.

Like I said earlier, I'm really not interested in sane defaults: I
don't think all of us can agree on one thing.

> In Mercurial 'hg branch' shows only the current branch, and I think
> that's more appropriate.
> Before I configured my prompt, 'git branch' was by far the command I
> used the most.

Yeah, we're fixing 'git branch' (by making it more configurable): the
topic is in progress.
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