Junio C Hamano wrote:
>> Some Git commands expect to be in the top level directory (e.g. git blame).
> "Git" things we can fix [*1*], but more importantly, build structure
> of many project may require you to go up to the top to build the
> whole thing, so being able to get a relative path to the top when
> you are deep inside is a necessity.

How is the project built?  When I type `make` inside Documentation/, I
want documentation to be built.  When I want a toplevel-build, I use a
custom git-make function (which does a cd before calling make).

> [Footnote]
> *1* "blame" is an oddball (and I suspect the recent log -Ln,m:path
>     may share the same) in that it really wants a concret path, not
>     a pathspec, so you cannot even say
>         cd Documentation; git blame :/Makefile

*scratches head*

  cd Documentation; git blame ../Makefile

Isn't this how pathspecs are specified everywhere?

  cd Documentation; git log ../Makefile
  cd Documentation; git log -L0,10:../Makefile

What is the difference between "concrete path" and "pathspec"?
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